Do people always ask what is your web page? whats your website? but what is the difference between both and what are they? And what is a web page or website meaning?

Simple Explanation:

Web Page not equal to Web Site

  • Web Page or Mobile Page = 1 page of the book or a web page in a website

  • Web Site or Mobile Site = A whole book or a website carries many web pages

Still not understand then read below for a more explanation and we also give some images of webpage and website examples for more easy understanding


A web page is a single document written in the HTML, css, php,, python, javascript, java, and etc. programming language(source code) that possibility contain content such as text, link, and media, for example, form, images, sounds, animation, videos and etc. read by browsers and display to and read by a human (user).


Webpage use for the product, event, people introduction, explanation and etc. A Webpage 90% above carrying or explain only 1 information and 10% will be other links to other websites, webpage, other related or nonrelated info and/or etc. For example, now you currently are reading a webpage.

A mobile page displays the same content what a web page shows only it shows in the responsive design (mean mobile phone friendly design).


A website is a combined bulk of web pages that share in a unique domain name that doing 1 or multi-purpose. Each web page of a given website provides a special link, for example, or current webpage link

The website mostly use for eCommerce, membership, profile, portfolio, platform, blog and etc. for example,,, and etc.

A mobile site is the same explanation for the mobile page and website. Mean a website display in a mobile device browser is responsive design (mean mobile device friendly design). You might also hear mobile website, that mostly refer to your domain or URL link.

What is Single Page/One Page/Landing page Website

A website that only has only 1 page that very long scrolling layout with no additional pages like About, Team or Services, but it has many navigator menu links(using anchor link method) everything links between the page without go out the page, so you will see the page with many menus but when you click those menus it will link between the page. You can read all the content on one page, mostly will be product sales, people introduction and etc.



Mostly use for eCommerce, profile, portfolio, selling products, marketing, promotion, collect data (such as email, name, phone number and etc.), an event and etc.

What’s the effect to SEO?

Search engines only index webpages, not a website. That means when search engine crawlers crawl or robot visit your website, they’re indexing each webpage based on the content.

Example, I searched for Chocolate:

Google didn’t send me to or but to Why? Because Google’s main goal is to get me as close as possible to what I’m searching for. So, Google will take me straight to the specific webpage of the product I want.


Normally web page is a subset of website, a webpage is a page that you looking at it now or you reading at it and a website is a site that combines many web pages together with many navigator menu links to present one propose, company or etc.
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