Email Marketing is a type of Digital Marketing that you use it for collect people emails, send emails to them in the coming future to promote yours services, products, blogs, update, offer and/or many many more that can increase your revenue, web traffic and etc.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The Main Advantage of Email Marketing, easy, inexpensive and increase income, mostly everyone can do it.

EASY : Everyone is using email everyday as long as you know how to send mail then you can do Email Marketing, just don’t send to much emails per day until your email address fall into spam or get banned.

INEXPENSIVE : 100K emails only 10$+-! and if you don’t want get banned or want to easy manage, ex: like scheduling, target a specific audience, build many different email lists to target by location, demographics, or interests, or simply people that love your content, get reporting and analytics, such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. and etc. then you should use third party email marketing services provider such as MailChimp, AweberGetResponse, and other companies.

Email marketing can be INCREASE YOUR INCOME or your site hustle if you do it right. You can also build and use your own Email Marketing System but that’s might another story, because you need a technical knowledge to setup Sending Service(SMTP) such like AWS SES, Mailgun, Mandrill and so on, also you need to install Email Marketing Application such like Mailwizz, Interspire, and/or etc. Build your own system setup might be abit painful but once you done the setup, sending email is way more cheaper, even you possible to sell to people to use your email marketing services such as third party email marketing services provider such as MailChimp, AweberGetResponse, and other companies. that mention above to generate extra income.

Is Email Marketing Still Work?

The Answer is : Of course, YES!

94% of Internet users today use email, now a days you can’t live without email, you need at least minimum one email address to do most of your things at online or offline ex: register account, phone, security, social, get update, get offer, membership and etc. Even government department, banks they also need your email address and some more using email will help safe the world (less paper).


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