A million page views a month! Who wouldn’t want that? If you’re starting a new website or blog, it can be difficult to get there. But if you use the right strategies and tactics, you can get a million pageviews per month! Here are some ideas to get one million pageviews per month.


Idea 1: Encourage people help share your content (Make it Viral)

1. Create a contagious content
Content is King! The right content can help increase site traffic, lead, sales and etc. and the key is create something informative, interesting and well-made people want to share it. Try not to make it under 500 words

2. Make your content easy to share

Make sure your content is easy to share for your readers, example: button or some social plugin that have common social media module ready such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc.

3. Create a catchy title

In order to make sure your title is catchy, it should be able to grab the attention of the reader. That’s why it’s important to include a good, strong verb in your title. Some verbs that can get the job done include: “make,” “show,” “tell,” “take,” “build,” “order,” and “win.” Some verbs are better than others, so use a thesaurus to find ones that can fit into your sentence structure.

4. Use images

Images are a crucial part of any website. They can help build brand awareness, attract traffic, and increase conversion rates. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your images are optimized for search engine results. You can do this with Schema.org annotations and by using alt tags on images that contain keywords.

Idea 2: Run Some Events, Competitions, Giveaways and etc.

Competitions are a great way to get more traffic and to make your brand known. As well as this, they are a good way to promote your business via social media. You can also run competitions on your Facebook page, Twitter and other social media platforms. Events are another way to get people interested in your company, as well as gaining more followers. You can also have giveaways such as T-shirts, E-books and other products, this is a simple way of gaining more traffic. If you don’t have enough time to put on these events, then you can always outsource the things to someone who will do it for you.

Idea 3: Build Community

If you want to keep your audience interested in your business, you’ll need to be innovative and creative. One of the ways you can do this is by building a thriving community by adding social media outlets to your website, This can help build up a loyal following.

  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Quora Spaces
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Telegram Channels
  • Whatsapp Groups
  • Wechat Groups
  • Reddit Subreddits
  • Tik Tok
  • 小红书
  • and more.

4. Repurpose and Syndicate Content

It can be difficult to build a solid following for your website. Even with great content, it can be difficult to get people to regularly visit your site. To get more traffic, you might try repurposing your content. Repurposing your content means taking an article you’ve written and using it to create additional content that appeals to different readers on different platforms. For example, you can take an article about relevant news and turn it into a blog post about the same information for your website. Then, you can share that blog post on social media with a different headline and link to your website.

5. Long-Form Content

Long-form content has become a popular way for bloggers and online writers to create content that is longer than the traditional 1,500 words. If you want to get more traffic and more visible to search engine to your website, you need to publish long-form content consistently. Some online publications, like The New Yorker magazine, have begun to publish long-form content and have seen a rise in subscriptions as a result. The more in-depth and detailed your content, the more likely it is for you to attract targeted traffic. If you create content that is unique, engaging and valuable, your readers will be interested in coming back for more. This is also a good opportunity for you to market your products and services.



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